Here is a collection of Nintendo Fan Games to explore! None of these games are created by me unless stated otherwise.

Mario Fan Games


Super Mario Royale

A battle royale against other Mario's! (PC

Super Mario Flash Back

A Mario game in a flash back. (PC)

Paper Mario 3D Land

A paper 3D adventure. (PC)

Super Mario UniMaker

A Mario Maker in a unique visual style. (PC)

Super Mario Bros. X2

An advanced Mario level creator. (PC)

Mario Editor

A Mario level editor with a twist. (PC)

New Super Mario Land

A remake of the Game Boy classic. (SNES)

Super Mario Crossover

A remake of the Game Boy classic. (PC/FLASH)

Mario Craft

A Mario stage creation tool. (DS)

Super Mario 63

The best Mario flash game ever made. (PC/FLASH)

Epic Paper Mario

A paper Mario game that blends 2D worlds with a turn-based system. (PC)

Super Mario Prism

A 3D Mario fan game. (PC)

Metroid Fan Games

Coming Soon

Kirby Fan Games

Coming Soon