How to Setup the hShop on Your Nintendo 3DS (11.16)

Getting Started:

This is a guide on how to set up the hShop, an homebrew shop service for your New Nintendo 3DS. This guide is intended for a New Nintendo 3DS system with custom firmware installed. Check out this guide below if you do not have custom firmware installed. 

How to Homebrew Your Nintendo 3DS (11.16)

In this video, I show you how to set up Homebrew on your Nintendo 3DS. This is a full guide that covers every step of the process. This guide is for 11.16.0-49.

Difficulty:  Medium

Time:  30 Minutes


I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong while following this tutorial, but if you follow it carefully you should have no issues. Bricking a 3DS seems to be a rare occurrence with the latest methods. 


The Installation:

First power on your 3DS system. Once booted launch FBI and navigate to "Remote Install", then "Scan QR Code". The camera should now activate. Now go to go to the hShop website which is provided above. This should bring you to a page that has a QR code.

Aim your 3DS camera at the QR code. Once it is detected by your system, it will ask you if you'd like to "Install from the scanned QR code?" Press A to confirm and it will begin to download the application. Once the download has been completed, press any button to continue. 

From here you can press the HOME button to return to the HOME Menu. Press close, and now you should see a message stating a new software has been added to the HOME Menu. Press OK and unwrap the present. And there you have it, the hShop has been successfully installed!


If you are running into issues, make sure your internet is correctly set up and that your system has enough storage.


This software allows you to install all sorts of fan games and applications. There are many settings to configure, so check them out to make it your own!