How to Create a Custom YSMenu Theme



There are 2 versions of SignaPic YasUI. Both have identical features and the only difference is the size (3498 KB for Normal Ver. and 922 KB for Minified Ver.).

The Minified version could be useful if you download using metered connection, but sometimes, Anti-virus often misunderstands, and detects this version as a virus (false-positive).

Basic tutorial:


SignaPic Yas UI has a known bug related to certain colors in the YSMenu.ini file, which can result in issues. To work around this bug, you can utilize the YSMenu.ini Color Converter mentioned above, which can convert HTML color codes into BIT15 format. Allowing you to directly change the color inside of the file.


SignaPic YasUI Libs:

SignaPic YasUI Libs is a feature in SignaPic YasUI application that allows you to download themes (direct submission server is no longer available). To use: