USB Loader GX won't detect my USB Drive

If this happens, first, ensure that your USB Drive is in the correct port. By default, USB Loader GX uses USB port 0.

If it doesn't work in port 0, it's possible the setting was changed at some point. Try putting it in the other port. If it still doesn't work, put it back in port 0 and continue troubleshooting.

If doing this doesn't work, ensure you have all your cIOS installed. It is recommended that you follow to install all the correct cIOS.

My game goes to a black screen or returns to the Wii Menu when I start it from USB Loader GX

Again, this is commonly an issue with cIOS. If you are having difficulties, I recommend checking out

Ensure that your games are formatted on your hard drive correctly.

Your USB Drive should be formatted as FAT32 and by default, USB Loader GX requires Wii games to be structured in the following way:


root/wbfs/Game Name [gameid]/gameid.wbfs


root/wbfs/Game Name [gameid]/game.iso

GCN and NKIT.ISO also do work!

If you used Wii Backup Manager and you're having issues, try formatting the games by hand. I've seen people who used Wii Backup Manager and had issues like these, and when I formatted it by hand for them it worked perfectly.

If this is correct, ensure that your game is loading from cIOS 249. You can do this by changing the game IOS setting to 249.

Finally, if nothing else works, it is likely an issue with your WBFS file. Try uninstalling the game and installing it from the disc again.

Does USB Loader use SD cards?

Just as the name suggests, USB Loader GX can ONLY read USB storage devices.

Can I load up ROM Hacks and custom games on USB Loader GX?

YES! Make sure that the title is correct and test that the WBFS file is functional on an emulator such as Dolphin.