Mario Kart Wii Texture Pack (Dolphin)


Game Restorers

Thanks to the Game Restorers for their excellent texture pack!


I do not encourage piracy. Please make sure you own the original game. Thanks to the Game Restorers for help with the pack!


  • A computer of your choice. I’ll be focusing on Windows for this tutorial, but Mac and Linux are also compatible. However, the Dolphin texture directory will be different.

  • Have Dolphin already installed. It is recommended you use the newer beta builds, as the latest stable release is quite outdated.

The Files:

From the dropdown menu, click on the download link of your choice. Once it is downloaded, unzip the folder and place the RMC folder into your Dolphin texture folder. To find it go to your computer's Documents folder then go to the Dolphin Emulator folder and then the Load folder. Here you will find it.

For macOS it should be in the Application Support folder.

Enabling the Texture Pack:

Now open Dolphin and go to the Graphic options, then select advanced. Now open up the game!


Luigi Circuit

Moo Moo Meadows

Mushroom Gorge

Bowser's Castle

Daisy Circuit

N64 Sherbet Land

Koopa Cape

Toad Factory

SNES Ghost Valley 2

Moonview Highway

GCN Mario Circuit

Coconut Mall

DS Peach Gardens

SNES Mario Circuit 3

N64 DK Jungle Parkway

Rainbow Road

Mario Circuit

DK Summit

Gecko Codes

No Sun Filter 002572BF 00000000