How to Setup RiiConnect24

Getting Started:

This is a guide on how to install and set up RiiConnect24. This guide is intended for Wii systems.


I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong while following this tutorial, but if you follow it carefully you should have no issues. Installing faulty wad files may brick your system so please be careful. RiiConnect24 is not compatible with the Wii Mini, installing may cause the system to become bricked. For a Wii U specific guide, check out the link above.


  • So what we will need to get started is a computer, and a Homebrew original Wii system. So this guide is not meant for vWii on Wii U.

  • All regions are compatible with this tutorial, but I am going to be using a USA Wii running 4.3

  • An internet connection is also required for this tutorial. So make sure you have that all set up.

  • You'll need an SD card or USB stick. So as long as the homebrew channel recognizes it you should be good.

  • If your system isn’t modded or you want to get the internet connection enabled on your system you can check out the video on screen now or check the description.

Using RiiConnect24 Patcher:

Great so now that we have everything we are going to go onto our computer. Click on the "RiiConnect24 Patcher" which you can find under the video on this page. This will take you to a GitHub page. Scroll down just a bit and select the program for your system. So bat if you are using a PC, or Unix if you are on Mac or Linux. So click on the file to download it and once it is installed, click on it to launch the program.

This program is safe to run, but if windows give you any issues just accept it. The program will open and it is pretty much just a black box with text. Now what we are going to do is just type in one and press enter.It will then check for updates. Next, select the system. For this tutorial, I will be selecting 1 for Wii. Now many commands will appear. Just type in 1 once again to proceed with the setup.

Now type in 1 once again to select the express pack which will patch all the channels. Now select your region. Make sure you select the correct one. I am going to type in 2 to select "USA". Next, you can install any of the following channels if you do not have them. I do however recommend skipping Wii Speak as there is a way to patch that channel using Wiimmfi instead. I may create a video on it in the future.

Otherwise, you can just type in 5 to continue. If you have an SD card connected to your computer press 1 for connected or 2 if you either don’t have an SD card or you don’t have an SD card slot on your computer.

I am going to type in 2. Next type in 1 to start the patching of the channels. This should take around a minute. Once everything has been patched you can then type 2 to close the application.

Now you should see a folder titled WAD on your SD card if it was connected or in your Downloads if you don’t have one connected. It should contain all the patched files.

Make sure they are in the correct region and you should see all of these files, plus any additional ones you’ve selected.

There should also be another folder containing some apps which are going to help us install the wad files. I’ll be using Multimod manager but the apps folder will have the Mail Patcher and the WiiModLite apps. If you would like to use MultiModManager which is the Wii Manager I am going to be installing, instead of WiiModLite you can find it in the description

So if the WAD and Apps folders aren't in your drive just drag and drop them or merge them if you happen to have these folders already created.

Installing WADS:

Now we are going to install the applications. If you have any already on your Wii, don’t worry as installing the new ones will just overwrite them.

So let's head to the Homebrew Channel. Now that we are here launch either Wii Mod Lite or the MultiModManager or any other Wad manager that you have. Once the application is open select WAD Manager. Here we can install the WADS. I recommended just going through each and installing them. IOS 31 and 80 are necessary so make sure to install them.

If you get an error, either you don’t have enough space or you’ll need to install again.

Once everything is successfully installed exit the application by pressing the Home Button.

You should then be at the Homebrew Channel so just go ahead and press the Home Button once again to exit to the menu. If everything went correctly you should see all the applications.

RiiConnect24 Mail Patcher:

Next, we are going to set up the Wii Mail to use Riiconnect24. What we are now going to do is go to the Application called The RiiConnect24 Mail Patcher and press load. This application will patch the Wii’s Mail within a few seconds. Once it's finished press the Home Button to exit.


Next, we will set our DNS to the RiiConnect24 servers. This is optional but recommended, and will improve the use of RiiConnect 24 and Wiimmfi.

So go to Wii Options. Wii Settings. Head to page 2. Go to connection settings and select your current connection. Go to change settings. And then go to Auto-Obtain DNS. Select No, then advance settings. Type in as the primary DNS. And then type in as the secondary DNS. Select confirm, then press Save.

Select Ok to perform a connection test.

If the connection test was successful, select No to skip the Wii System update. If you do press it by accident don’t worry as it should state that there is no update available.

Next, go to WiiConnect24 then WiiConnect24 again and make sure it is enabled.

Finally, go to the internet section and then go to User Agreements/Contacts or UserAgreements. You should see the RiiConnect24 logo. So you can read through the agreement if you’d like but all we’ll need to do is select yes. If you don’t see this agreement with the RiiConnect24 Logo then that means the DNS won’t work and you can enable the auto DNS. So if it doesn't work it is not a big issue.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed RiiConnect24 on your Nintendo Wii.

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