How to Play 3DS Games Online in 2024 (11.17) 

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I am not responsible for any issues that may arise during this process. Follow the tutorial carefully to avoid issues.


A device with an SD card reader or external SD card reader.

Any 3DS or 2DS system.

An SD card (with at least 20mb of free storage avaliable).

Note: Ensure your 3DS is Homebrewed with Luma3DS (version 13+). If not, follow our guide on how to Homebrew your system.

Download the latest version here!

Step 1: Placing Files on Your SD Card

Download the "" file from the GitHub page and extract the contents of the zip file.

Drag and drop to merge the "luma" and "cias" folder into the root of your SD card.

Step 2: Installing Nimbus App using FBI

Insert your SD card back into your console.

Power on your 3DS and open FBI.

Navigate to SD, then cias.

Find and select the nimbus.cia file.

Choose "Install and delete CIA."

Once installation is complete, press the HOME button to exit FBI.

You should see a message indicating that a new application has been added to the HOME Menu. Click OK.

Step 3: Launching Nimbus App and Connecting to Pretendo Network

Open the Nimbus App on your HOME Menu.

Depending on how you installed Nimbus, launch the application.

Select either Pretendo or Nintendo to swap between services.

Your selection persists between reboots.

Congratulations!!! The Pretendo service as successfully been installed!

Extra Info: PNID

The 3DS does not rely on NNIDs for the majority of its game servers.

Using a PNID is not required for most games.

Setting up a PNID on the 3DS is the same as setting up a NNID.

Register the PNID on your device at this time, as registering on the website does not currently allow you to change your user data.

Note: Some games may require a PNID for specific actions, like eShop purchases. Nintendo Badge Arcade is the only known game requiring a PNID for general use, currently not supported.

How Nimbus App Works:

Nimbus App creates a 2nd local account set to the test NASC environment. IPS patches point test NASC URLs to Pretendo. Switch between Pretendo and Nintendo, and your mode persists between reboots.

2nd Local Account:

The 3DS supports multiple local accounts, unused on retail units. Nimbus App uses this to create sandboxed accounts with different environments.

Need Help?

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